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Supporting our beautiful Pink D.I.V.A.S. from a spouses view

Many spouses may wonder how they can support their DIVAS as they navigate life through their breast cancer journey. As a spouse currently navigating such a journey, here are some tips on how you can provide support for your DIVAS.  

Emotional Support 

Providing emotional support for your DIVAS is crucial! Start by acknowledging their emotions. Our DIVAS will experience an emotional rollercoaster ride. Their emotions can change minute by minute, hour by hour, or day by day. It is important that you as the spouse/partner acknowledge their emotions and help in managing them, or in some cases, seek professional help if needed. 

All DIVAS are created in their own way and this emotional management may take some time as well as trial and error. As they begin expressing their feelings, you can provide support by validating these emotions. It is important to learn how to recognize their feelings as a normal process along the journey. Your job is not to invalidate but rather emphasize these feelings as normal. Always remember to take the time to navigate your collective emotions together. 


It is important to always keep the lines of communication open with our DIVAS. I found that this mostly comes from listening rather than talking. Allow your wife or girlfriend to share their feelings, fears and concerns. This communication can provide support and help you work together through the process. 

Our DIVAS will experience a wide range of emotions and it is critical that you provide communicative support during these times. Take it from me, sometimes not saying anything is better than saying the wrong thing. Allow your actions to show that you care if you can’t find the right words to say. 

Maintain the Household 

If your wife/girlfriend traditionally runs and manages the household, you may need to develop a new plan to keep your home in order while your partner continues to manage their journey. I know this may be a foreign language to some, but you may have to start cooking and cleaning. Get on YouTube, buy a cookbook, watch some cooking shows, and get started. 

If I can do it anyone can! Grab the broom, mop, and dust rag, and clean the house. Create new chores for the children and involve them in cooking and cleaning. Have them take turns creating menus and take them with you to the grocery store. Let’s provide a clean haven for our DIVAS! 

Until next time, always remember to love your DIVAS.

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